Life isn't perfect,
but your hair should be.

Why do bees have sticky hair?
They always use honeycombs.

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Ladies Hair

* Free to regular clients
  Suggested charity donation requested for non-regulars
** Requires skin/hair testing 48hrs prior to service
*** Minimum length: 10cm
**** Only in addition to other services
++ By quotation, following compulsory free 15 minute        face-to-face consultation. (£10 holding fee taken at time of booking. Refunded on arrival at consultation)

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Cutting & Styling Graduate Senior Premium Benjamin
Cleanse, Cut & FinishLong£34.50£40.50£46.00£53.00
Cleanse, Cut & FinishShort£31.00£35.50£40.50£46.00
Cleanse & FinishLong£20.50£23.50£27.00£31.00
Cleanse & FinishShort£18.50£21.50£24.50£28.50
Fringe Maintenance * £5.00£5.00£5.00£5.00

Technical Services**

Colour Graduate Senior Premium Benjamin
Full Head Woven High/Low Lights£69.00£79.50£91.50£105.00
Half Head Woven High/Low Lights£57.50£66.00£76.00£91.00
Quarter Head Woven High/Low Lights£46.00£53.00£61.00£70.00
Individual Woven High/Low Lights (max 7 packets) £3.50£4.00£4.50£5.00
Semi Permanent Colour & Packets (max 7) £43.50£50.00£57.50£66.50
Permanent Colour & Packets (max 7) £43.50£50.00£57.50£66.50
Full Head Permanent ColourLong £39.00£44.50£50.50£58.00
Full Head Permanent ColourShort £33.50£38.50£44.50£51.00
Regrowth Permanent Colour £31.00£35.50£41.00£47.00
Full Head Semi PermanentLong £39.00£44.50£50.50£58.00
Full Head Semi PermanentShort £33.50£38.50£44.50£51.00
Toner £11.50£11.50£11.50£11.50
Colour Correction ++
Directional Graduate Senior Premium Benjamin
Full Head (Permanent Wave)£43.50£50.50£57.50£66.50
Half Head (Permanent Wave)£38.00£43.50£50.50£57.50
Quarter Head (Permanent Wave)£32.00£37.00£42.50£48.50
Other Services Graduate Senior Premium Benjamin
Intense Boost (4 x Weeks Keratin)Long£27.50£30.50£32.75£36.00
Keratin Treatment (Brasilian Blow Dry)Long£132.50£152.00£172.50£187.50
Keratin Treatment (Brasilian Blow Dry)Short***£112.50£129.50£149.50£164.50
Nourishing Scalp and Hair Treatments ****
(includes scalp massage and vibrochair)
Benn's bad jokesFreeFreeFreeFree
Hair Up Services Graduate Senior Premium Benjamin
Classical £32.00£37.00£43.50£48.50
Prom/Avante Garde£40.50£46.00£53.00£62.00
WeddingBy Quotation
Bonded ExtensionsBy Quotation

We operate a 24hr cancellation notice policy

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